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What are the current global

crises asking of us?

(the new film's central question)

Progress as of April 2024:

Picture lock has been achieved and colour correction has begun. These  significant milestones begin the final lap in making the film.

A new interview with Edgar Hernandez, a Mayan man living in Palenque, Mexico, whose first two languages are both Mayan. 


A recent  interview with a man who has lived on the streets for 30 years. Kawich speaks from his gut and his heart with an honesty that is engaging and refreshing.   

Two of our interviewees have had Hollywood movies made about their lives,

and one is a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

Much work remains and, technical issues permitting,

the projected release for the new film is late 2024.


Some of the team:  

                                             François Dompierre, who is a native of Québec, pursued graduate                                  studies in film and television in Los Angeles where he worked

                                       for a decade as ascreenwriter and director. He then discovered his

                                 passion for colour grading and started his own post-production

                         studio in Québec where he works as a top colourist for film

and television.


Karen Everett is an award winning documentary filmmaker 

and leading story consultant who is passionate about

guiding filmmakers to create films that better the human

condition. She taught documentary editing for 18 years at 

UC Berkeley.

Who Do You Think you  Are?

(working title)


A new film inspired by the Integral Yoga


Karen Everett.jfif




                    Marc Tawil has worked in cinema for over 23 years. As director,

              director of photography, sound recordist, and re-recording

                 mixer he shares his talent on projects close to  his heart and

values. His latest award-winning documentary is,  

  Our Back Lane.                                                                



Nathan Pupo-Greene is a 22 year old filmmaker who  is 

currently completing his bachelor's degree in film

production. Nathan's love for cinema stems from his

desire to offer the viewer a trying sensory experience.


Some of the people whom we have interviewed for

the new film:


Tawil_Marc lowres (4).jpg
Nathan Pupo-Greene (2).jfif

Edgar Hernandez
Palenque, Mexico


Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 7.44_edited.jpg

Living on the streets
for 30 years

Screenshot (44)_edited_edited.png

Novice Por

Wat Chedi Luang

Chang Mai, Thailand


Neale Donald Walsch




Patch Adams, MD,

Physician and clown


Deepti Tewari,

Educator and Auroville Resident

Manish Sisodia,

Minister of Education

Dehi, India


Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, Ph.D.,

Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, India


Pravir Malik, Ph.D.,

Head of Organizational Sciences at

Screenshot (28)_edited_edited.png

Brant Cortright, Ph.D.,

Professor of psychology

Kalsang Dolma,

Pavilion of Tibetan  Culture,

Auroville, India


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