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Integral Inspirations


"The more one is able to establish a silent, perfect calm in the mind, the more one becomes capable of receiving inspirations"

- Mirra Alfassa, 19 September 1958


Fulfilling our Higher Evolutionary Potential

This book is a remarkable anthology and an important companion to the film Conscious.

Sadly, there was only room in the film Conscious to include a fraction of each interview and so a wealth of remarkable explanations were almost certain to be lost. This book goes further and deeper as it preserves a wide assortment of valuable descriptions by very respected interviewees on diverse and meaningful topics that do not appear anywhere in the film.

The inspiration to make the film Conscious and to produce this book was first kindled by the work of Sri Aurobindo, who was a 20th century Indian philosopher and yogi, and Mirra Alfassa, who is known to may as the Mother.

To sample the book, click on one of the buttons above and then on the image of the book cover.

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