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Conscious (Original Movie Soundtrack) will be available here for purchase and download beginning  14 September 2017

The composer and musical artist Joseh Garcia created this exquisite soundtrack of neoclassical music for the documentary film Conscious: Fulfilling our Higher Evolutionary Potential.


These instrumental music pieces visit beautiful soundscapes and provide a dynamic container to explore your inner world. Piano, strings, and instruments from India and Africa beautifully weave with subtle cosmic sounds to elevate your consciousness. As you listen to the CD Conscious, you will feel invited to contact a stillness deep within; a place close to your essence. Joseh is known for his smooth voice and as a special bonus in this album he delights you with the film's inspiring theme song Conscious.

A very diverse artist, Joseh has performed in many countries and previously he released the downtempo EP, Bossa a Trois (2011). In Conscious, his current project and his first instrumental CD, which is entirely composed, arranged, and performed by him, Joseh Garcia presents us with a superb work of neoclassical music.

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