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Integral Inspirations


"The more one is able to establish a silent, perfect calm in the mind, the more one becomes capable of receiving inspirations"

      - Mirra Alfassa, 19 September 1958



The Book will be available here for purchase and download on Kindle beginning 5 October 2017


The inspiration to create this book was first kindled by the work of Sri Aurobindo, who was a 20th century Indian philosopher and yogi, and Mirra Alfassa, who is known to may as the Mother.

This book is a remarkable anthology and an important companion to the film Conscious.


Sadly, there was only room in the film Conscious to include a fraction of each interview and so a wealth of remarkable explanations were almost certain to be lost. This book goes further and deeper as it preserves a wide assortment of valuable descriptions by very respected interviewees on diverse and meaningful topics that do not appear anywhere in the film.


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